Facing reality ---Rain happens. Waterproof clothing isn't (However, it is 100% effective at containing sweat). Non-stick pans aren't. Waterproof matches aren't. One size fits all don't. Anything bug-proof isn't 95% of your backpack's contents could have been left at home. ..The 5% you did leave at home will be needed

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Midwest Secrets Social Club

Midwest Secrets is an event-oriented organization
located on the Illinois Wisconsin border

We offer a wide variety of recreational activities ranging from outdoor adventures ,
;) to traveling and social events in the Midwest. Our events are group oriented, ,
providing you a safe as well as fun way to explore life and meeting lots of new people.,
Our utilization of the best and latest Web-based technology allows members to ,
sign-up for events and interact with other club members online.

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